Sangal has parted ways with ⁠MAJ3R, ⁠paz, ⁠ngiN⁠ and ⁠hardstyle

Turkish esports organization Sangal has parted ways with ⁠MAJ3R, ⁠paz, ⁠ngiN⁠ and ⁠hardstyle. The trio of players and the coach intend to pursue their careers at VALORANT, the organization said.

"All good things come to an end sooner or later. Today we are parting with our CS: GO roster as the players want to continue their careers in VALORANT. We would like to thank the roster for being part of the Sangal family and wish them every success in the future. ", - wrote the organization on Twitter.

MAJ3R, ⁠paz, ⁠ngiN⁠ and ⁠hardstyle joined Sangal in April 2020. However, for a year and a half, the collective has not managed to gain a foothold at the TIER-2 level, interrupting with intermediate successes on the Turkish stage. During this period, Sangal managed to win ESL Türkiye Şampiyonası Summer 2020, ESEA Season 35: Advanced Division - Europe and ESL Türkiye Şampiyonası: Winter 2021.

At the same time, there are still two players on the contract with the organization. Their future will be revealed soon.

Sangal's current roster is as follows: