Heroic players speak out about accusations from HUNDEN

Heroic players posted a long video commenting on the accusations by HUNDEN and the investigation by ESIC. The players who represented the organization in 2020 deny their involvement in the coaching bug and describe their history in detail.

cadiaN, stavn, ⁠TeSeS and b0RUP released a video entitled "Our Story", in which they presented their point of view on the events that happened.

Three current and one former Heroic members finally broke the silence on the case after ESIC refused to punish the players as it deemed the accusations insufficient.

Now that the ESIC investigation is complete, we can talk about this topic and we can explain the story from our side.

He[HUNDEN]played this game professionally for 10-11 years and never cheated. Why would he suddenly use a cheat or a bug? Why would we even think that he would want to use it, it makes no sense. This is silly.

During the first case, HUNDEN was on the team for only three weeks, and according to b0RUP, cadiaN and stavn, there was nothing in the messages from the coach to warn about the bug being abused.

However, cadiaN and stavn learned of additional help a few hours after the game, when the two of them stayed in TeamSpeak with niko and HINDEN to watch a demo of the match.

We were very shocked. We expressed our opinion on this, saying that under no circumstances should a bug be exploited. We believed it would no longer exploit the bug, so that's why b0rup and TeSeS didn't report it.

cadiaN, stavn, ⁠TeSeS and b0RUP reveal more details in the video and talk about the difficulties they have faced in recent months with the allegations, which they now publicly deny.