poizon builder Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming has announced its separation from Poizon. From now on, the 22-year-old Bulgarian sniper is a free agent. At the same time, the organization decided to lease an allu, which will help Complexity Gaming during the closed qualifier for IEM Winter 2021 in Europe.

poizon has played for Complexity Gaming since December 2019. During 21 months of being in the team, the Bulgarian player has shown himself to be on the good side, in particular, having won four tournaments of the #HomeSweetHome series, BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals, BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021 and Spring Sweet Spring # 3.

However, this season the team failed to fulfill all the tasks set, in particular, being left behind PGL Major Stockholm 2021 after a disastrous performance at IEM Fall 2021 Europe.

Let us remind you that changes have already taken place in Complexity Gaming a month ago. So, the team parted ways with k0nfig, which was replaced by coldzera.

It is expected that in the upcoming closed qualifier for IEM Winter 2021 in Europe, Complexity Gaming will be assisted by allu. The Finnish veteran is still under contract with ENCE, although allu was last seen on the server in May.

Complexity Gaming's roster for the upcoming matches is as follows: