Elisa Invitational Fall 2021: Gambit Esports and Team Fiend reach the semi-finals

The first two semi-finalists in the Elisa Invitaitonal Fall 2021 were determined based on the results of the matches Gambit Esports vs HAVU Gaming and BIG vs Team Fiend.

The duel between Gambit and HAVU has become short-lived. The meeting started on Dust 2. There sh1ro and his teammates started on the attacking side and won the first half with a score of 10-5. After the transition, HAVU Gaming tried to find a gap in Gambit's defense, but only gained the upper hand in five rounds. As a result, Dust 2 ended with a score of 16-10. The second map for battles was Mirage. It went through, so to speak, "with one goal" and Gambit Esports did not feel any resistance from HAVU Gaming. In the first half, HAVU Gaming were on the defensive and were able to successfully repel the Gambit attack only 3 times. As a result, the first half ended with a score of 12-3, and the whole map ended with a score of 16-3. HAVU Gaming finished their way in the championship, taking 5-8 place in the standings. For their work, the Finns received a monetary reward of $ 4,000. Gambit Esports, in turn, secured themselves with a minimum prize of $ 6,000 and in the next match they will play with the winner of the Fnatic vs Copenhagen Flames duel.

In the second quarterfinal match, BIG and Team Fiend fought. Just like in the case of Gambit Esports and HAVU Gaming, the meeting between BIG and Team Fiend took place on two maps and the winners did not feel much resistance from their rivals. The first place to fight was the Inferno map. There Fiend started for the attack and successfully took 9 rounds. After the transition, they lost only 3 rounds and took Inferno with a score of 16-9. Nuke was almost entirely dictated by Team Fiend. The latter started on the defensive side and BIG were able to break through the defense of the Bulgarian team only three times. The first half of the map ended 12-3, while Nuke ended up 16-7. BIG, as well as HAVU Gaming, took the 5th-8th place in the standings and received a cash reward of $ 4,000. Fiend secured a minimum prize of $ 6,000 and entered the top 4 of the tournament. Team Fiend will fight in the next match against the winner of the ENCE vs Lyngby Vikings match.

Earlier, at the playoff stage, teams such as Double Poney, Team Finest, SKADE and AGO have already completed their way in the championship. The losing teams took the 9th-12th place and received rewards in the form of $ 2,000. Sixteen other teams that failed to reach the playoffs completed the event and did not receive any prize.

Interim results of Elisa Invitational Fall 2021


Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 started on August 16 and will end on October 15. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 100,000, and 28 participants are involved in its distribution. Teams that limited themselves to being in the group stage did not receive any cash prizes. Prizes will be awarded only to the teams that entered the top 12 of the tournament table. The main reward for the Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 will be $ 50,000. Six participants remained in the fight for the main prize: Gambit Esports and Team Fiend, which reached the semifinals, as well as Fnatic, Copenhagen Flames, ENCE and Lyngby Vikings, which will fight in the quarterfinals.