OverDrive: HellRaisers organization will return to CS: GO

According to an OverDrive insider, the Ukrainian esports organization HellRaisers has decided to return to the CS: GO discipline. At the same time, Alexey Biryukov clarified that the new roster will include ProbleM and JIaYm, which have already represented HR. In addition, the organization considers liTTle as the coach of the squad.

"HR are coming back, liTTle will most likely be the coach, the roster is still at the stage of formation, there will definitely be JIaYm and ProbLeM!", - wrote OverDrive.

As a reminder, HellRaisers finally disbanded the previous roster in April 2021. The last composition of the organization was represented by kalinka, Flarich, ProbleM, jR, JIaYm and ProbleM. At the same time, there has not yet been an official announcement from the organization.

The candidacy of the coach of the future squad is interesting. Currently, liTTle is coaching the forZe team, although a week ago the same OverDrive said that the 33-year-old Russian specialist would leave his post.