LDLC and ECLOT have earned tickets to the REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 play-in

The LDLC and ECLOT teams took first and second places in the group stage, thereby earning tickets to the REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 play-in. Now the teams will fight for the right to get to the championship play-off.

If the French team could still be expected to advance to the next stage, then the Czech team became a real sensation, albeit not without a share of luck.

At the same time, LDLC secured first place on the first game day, first having dealt with ECLOT (2: 1), and then closing MIBR (2: 0). As for the Czech team, ECLOT, having started the tournament with a defeat to LDLC (1: 2), managed to return thanks to a victory over Entropiq Prague (2: 1). In addition, in the decisive match for a slot in the play-in, the team won a victory over MIBR, which left the server altogether during the second map.

In this regard, it is worth throwing a couple of stones into the garden of the Brazilian team, which clearly does not think about its schedule. In any case, in just a day, MIBR left both championships, clearly getting what it deserved.

Well, the worst team in Group D was Entropiq Prague, which at first did not cope with MIBR (0: 2), and then capitulated under the onslaught of ECLOT (1: 2).

Group D summary table

A place Command Result Points
1 LDLC 2-0 6
2 ECLOT 2-1 6
3 MIBR 1-2 3
4 Entropiq Prague 0-2 0