Enterprise and K23 entered the play-in REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2

The matches of Group C within REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 have come to an end, following the results of which Enterprise and K23 will reach the Play-In stage of the competition. At the same time, we propose to get acquainted with the brief conclusions that remained after the end of the matches in the third quartet.

An unexpected leader was the Enterprise team, which already in the starting game defeated the renewed K23 roster with a score of 2: 0. Following the same, the Czechoslovak team had to give all their strength to close Singularity (2: 1) and stake out the first line in the table.

For K23, this tournament began with an unfortunate defeat to Enterprise (0: 2). However, the very next day, the team managed to get used to new faces, having driven through the Poles from Izako Boars (2: 0). In the decisive match, K23 in the derby dealt with Singularity (2: 1) to secure a place in the Play-In.

A bit sad is the fate of Singularity, which again cannot show its best side. Apparently, this attempt to siezed to revive his career will be unsuccessful. In turn, nothing was expected from Izako Boars from the very start, since this team is clearly far from optimal form to fight opponents of a higher class.

Group C summary table

A place Command Result Points
1 Enterprise 2-0 6
2 K23 2-1 6
3 Singularity 1-2 3
4 Izako Boars 0-2 0