xsepower and X5G7V join K23

xsepower and X5G7V have joined the K23 on a full-fledged basis. After just three days of testing, the organization decided to sign newcomers who helped K23 reach the Play-In REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 stage.

Earlier this week, K23 unexpectedly came out with the news, saying goodbye to AdreN and mou. In their place, the team temporarily invited xsepower and X5G7V, who previously played for bankaPEPSI and INDE IRAE, respectively. And if the 23-year-old sniper has long been known in the CIS for playing for forZe, the young 18-year-old player became a real discovery of the past IEM Fall 2021 CIS, where, together with his former team, he reached the sixth place.

Now K23 intends to build on its success by adding newcomers to the main roster. It is noted that neaLaN will take over the role of the captain.

From now on, the composition of K23 isasfollows: