mirbit will play for Endpoint at IEM Fall 2021 Europe

mirbit will assist the Endpoint team at IEM Fall 2021 Europe, which has found itself in a quandary following the BOROS visa problems. Recall that initially the British team was supposed to perform at the championship with a coach, since the 17-year-old Jordanian player failed to obtain a visa to Sweden.

The British team will still lose 20% of the RMR points earned. However, Endpoint will have a much better chance of taking the top spot since the team won't have to use a new coach who was previously a commentator.

The option to add an extra player came on Tuesday 28 September when ESL sent an email to the championship participants saying they would have time to introduce an extra player that could be used during the event.

This change brings the tournament back in line with Valve's new set of rules for the 2021 RMR cycle, which added extra space for substitutions that teams could register with their five players and a coach. The advantage of the new set of rules is also that if the BOROS visa is accepted and he can travel to the tournament, he will be able to return to the squad during the tournament without any additional penalties.

Note that other teams, for example, NAVI, G2, fnatic and Astralis, took advantage of this right, claiming m0NESY, kennyS, Peppzor and vigg0, respectively.

The Endpoint lineup at IEM Fall 2021 Europe is as follows: