Immortals Gaming Club sues 9z

North American eSports company Immortals Gaming Club, which owns the team MIBR, sued the organization 9z. Immortals Gaming Club claims that 9z did not pay the set transfer amount for meyern, who switched from MIBR to the Latin American team in June 2020.

The North American company has filed a complaint with the California Supreme Court alleging that 9z violated contractual obligations by not paying a $ 35,000 transfer fee.

According to an official statement from Immortals Gaming Club, 9z "has never paid any money for the player's buyout, nor any part of the transfer", despite the fact that "has repeatedly stated that payment will be made." The claim seeks unspecified damages, which includes, but is not limited to, unpaid translation fees.

The case will be heard in Los Angeles County Court as permitted by the deal that was signed at the time of the transfer agreement. If the court will side Immortals Gaming Club in this dispute, it is possible that the North American organization will refer this matter to the Commission on the integrity of e-sports (ESIC), which can impose sanctions against the Argentine organization.

As a reminder, meyern was signed by MIBR in December 2019 from Sharks Esports. Six months later, the player was sold to 9z, in which he spent another six months, after which he was put up for transfer. The 22-year-old is currently on loan from Furious Gaming.