G2 Sports - LVL Clash 2 по VALORANT

The next Ignition VALORANT tournament in the European region is over. The absolute champions of the G2 Esports region won. We invite you to take a look at their path throughout the tournament.

G2 road to championship

G2 Esports started their victorious march back in the group stage. They took first place in Group C, leaving behind BIG, need more DM and VALORANDO. After taking first place in the group, G2 went to the playoffs.

In the main stage, the first rival for the Mixwell team was the Rix.GG club. G2 dealt with opponents with a score of 2-0 without much effort. The second match against FunPlus Phoenix was more intense. Nevertheless, the samurai won 2-0.

In the final confrontation, G2 faced Bonk. Their G2 also beat them 2-0.

The final distribution of teams is as follows:

  1. G2 Esports - € 7,500
  2. Bonk - 3,500 euros
  3. NiP - 1,500 euros
  4. FunPlus Phoenix - 1,500 euros

G2 Esports became champions of 6 Ignition tournaments in a row. Since launching VALORANT in early June, the organization has already raised over $ 64,000 in prize money.