Cloud9 Blue becomes the last participant in VALORANT Champions 2021

The VCT 2021: North America Last Chance Qualifier has come to an end. At the tournament, which took place from October 12 to 31 in Los Angeles, eight North American teams competed for a prize pool of $ 100,000, as well as the main prize - a ticket to VALORANT Champions 2021. The winner of the championship was the team Cloud9 Blue, which beat Rise in the grand final with a score of 3: 0 (Breeze - 13: 8; Split - 13: 0; Bind - 13:11).

For the future winner of VCT 2021: North America Last Chance Qualifier began with not very good news, because after defeating Version1 (2: 0), the team unexpectedly lost to Rise (1: 2) and fell into the lower bracket. However, Cloud9 Blue found the strength to return, simultaneously beating Gen.G Esports (2: 1), XSET (2: 0) and 100 Thieves (2: 1) in order to reach the grand final and get the opportunity to take revenge on Rise.

Nevertheless, there was no intrigue in the decisive match, as Cloud9 Blue showed three confident cards, capturing the main prize of the championship.

Final List of VALORANT Champions 2021 Participants: Gambit Esports, Sentinels, Team Envy, KRÜ Esports, Team Vikings, Keyd Stars, Acend, Fnatic, Vision Strikers, Crazy Raccoon, X10 Esports, Team Secret, Team Liquid, FURIA Esports, FULL SENSE and Cloud9 Blue.

Results of VCT 2021: North America Last Chance Qualifier