Valve develops their version of Dota Auto Chess

Valve told in their press release that they had invited a creator of DotA Chess, Drodo Studio, from China to their office. The company of Gabe Newell intended to collaborate with the developer of Dota Auto Chess for releasing a new product that would include a custom mode for Dota 2 by Drodo into a separate in-game client. According to the results of the discussion, both of the organizations decided to work on their projects separately, not disturbing each other, but being ready to support each other in some cases if necessary.

In the middle of May, Drodo Studio released a mobile version of Auto Chess where all the details resembling the lore of Dota 2 got eliminated. This way it became a product independent from Valve.

Valve followed the formalities and asked Drodo whether the Dota 2 developers could start their work on the product based on Auto Chess. In return, Drodo Studio agreed willingly.

Initially, Auto Chess appeared as a custom mode for Dota 2. By 1 April the amount of people who downloaded the game had surpassed 7,000,000. It is especially remarkable that Dota 2 used to be a custom map for Warcraft III at the specified time.