The new information about BlizzCon 2017 has appeared

The yearly gaming exhibition BlizzCon will be carried from November 3 to November 4 at the exhibition center in the city Anaheim, California, USA. Tickets will be started selling in two steps - the first part will go on sale on April 6 and the second one on April 8. The price of tickets will be $199 (without including taxes and charges) but a single person will not be able to buy more than 4 tickets.

Despite the entertainments, there will be a charity banquet, its main aim will be to collect money for the medical center Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). At the banquet, you will be able to speak with employees of Blizzard in a friendly atmosphere during the supper. Invitations will be able for buying on April 13 at 2:00 (CET) and the price for one invitational ticket will be $750. It is worth considering that tickets will go on sale in limited quantities

If you have no possibility to visit the foggy California, you will be to buy a virtual ticket to follow the gaming festival at the live broadcast - the organizers haven’t still claimed exact dates of going such tickets on sale. Exact dates of ticket sales are available on the official website.