SK Gaming won a football match against

The first official football match in the history of the eSports has happened between two eSports organizations today.

The prize pool of the football match has amounted $100,000, which had been collected by the captains of competing teams, Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo and Jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarząbkowski. FalleN offered his opponent on Twitter to invest $50,000 and to collect the prize pool in the sum of $100,000 and Jaroslaw agreed with a great pleasure.

The match was hosted at Rhein Energie Stadion in Cologne, which is a home stadium of the team FC «Köln».

The first time was finished with a score 2-1 in the favor of The VP’s goal was scored by Janusz «Snax» Pogorzelski and Marcelo «coldzera» David made a goal from the side of SK Gaming. coldzera shot one more goal to in the second half, the captain of the team, Jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarząbkowski scored twice and made a great lead for VP, however, they didn’t win. Two co-founders of the German eSports organization, SK Gaming, Benjamin «Kane» Reichert and Alexander «TheSlasH» Müller made three goals into the net of VP in the last minutes and won the game. Kane scored twice as coldzera did and TheSlasH made the last, decisive goal.


We congratulate SK Gaming with a victory in the first official match between eSports organizations and earned $100,000!

Replay of the match