Razer will release a toaster

The main feature of the toaster by Razor will be that their device will burn the company’s logo on a bread. Min-Liang Tang, CEO of Razer, has told about that.

The history of the creation of the project started in 2016. Razer has an interesting tradition to make some funny fake advertisements for creative products on April 1, which they definitely will not develop. In 2016, they released a joke video, which showed how their allegedly developed toaster could fry bread and burn the famous Razer logo on it.

Fans of the company liked the video so much that they, in turn, created a Facebook group called “Give us the Razer Toaster”. Min-Ling Tang said that fans might gather one million likes in the group to persuade Razer to develop the product. Besides this, they had an opportunity to get the Razer Toaster tattoo, each of which was equal to 100,000 likes. As a result, fans achieved their goal. The public collected only 44,000 «Like» points, however, 12 dedicated fans of Razer got the required tattoo, bringing a score to 1,244,000 likes.

CEO of the company has said that he keeps his word and told some details about the development of Razer Toaster. It appears that this thing requires a lot of time and the first non-profile product by Razer will be ready in a few years. At the moment, Min-Liang Tang prepares to meet leading designers and engineers who will work on Razer Toaster. He has also promised fans of Razer not to hide information about the project and will tell about the development of an unusual toaster step-by-step.

In such a way, the April 1 joke by Razer managed to become a reality due to the activity of its fans and fans of the above-mentioned brand were able to influence the history of the development of Razer.