Rumor: Ubisoft is developing a BattleCat game

Dataminer Zer0Bytes shared an interesting find online. If he got it right, Ubisoft is now developing a BattleCat game, which will implement a PvP crossover between games based on Tom Clancy's books: Splinter Cell, The Division and Ghost Recon.

According to the dataminer, there will be several factions in BattleCat taken from the games listed above. The Echelon will appear from the Splinter Cell series, the "Wolves" faction will be taken from the Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the "Cleaners" and "Outcasts" will appear from The Division and The Division 2, respectively.

The peculiarity of the Echelon agents will be their stealth and intelligence, which will allow them to find the location of enemies. On the "Outcasts", in turn, it is known that they will be able to strengthen their allies and heal on the battlefield.

Several modes should appear in BattleCat. In Escort, players will escort the cargo to the desired point, and in Ringleader, users will collect rings that drop from dead opponents.

Ubisoft will be holding their Ubisoft Forward presentation at E3 on June 12th. It starts at 22:00 UTC +3. There, the French company will reveal more details about the upcoming Far Cry 6.