"We Need You" - Battlefied Authors Started Sending Encrypted Emails

In anticipation of the imminent demo of Battlefield 6, some bloggers received encrypted emails from EA. You can see the letter itself below, and the text there is approximately the following.

Some of you want to go home. This is the most human instinct. With a heavy heart, I must tell the truth - there is nowhere to return, there is no more home. The question we must ask ourselves. Will we accept our fate? Or will we risk fighting for a better world? Nobody can force you to go into battle, but this is what I will tell those who hear - if you can shoot, if you can heal the wound, if you can... Those who cannot - need you. We need you. War is the only way home

What the message is hinting at is not clear. We will receive all the answers next Wednesday, June 9th.