Dying Light 2 release date leaked ahead of announcement

While the official announcement of Dying Light 2 will take place tonight, May 27, the game's release date has already surfaced. The Russian community Dying Light 2 has published the release date of the game, which, according to the official poster, should be released on November 16.

Interestingly, earlier users of the ResetEra forum noticed advertising banners on the websites of Italian stores, where the release dates were indicated on November 16 and December 7. At the same time, both entries are made in the same visual style, which indicates the same primary source. Perhaps the three weeks difference is due to regional market conditions or delays in shipments of physical copies to a particular region.

At the same time, a little later, the Russian official community Dying Light 2 posted a similar banner, which indicates the possibility of pre-ordering the game. The same poster indicates the release date of the game - November 16.

These announcements, leaked to multiple sources including Twitch, confirm that Techland's game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One in late November/early December. In addition, users who pre-order will receive additional bonuses.