Rambo and Die Hard in Call of Duty will be as authentic as possible

Tomorrow, action heroes of the 80s will drop in Call of Duty. In honor of this event, a new trailer for the characters has been published, as well as some details of their addition have been revealed.

The CoD authors have partnered with Studio Cana and Disney, which own the franchise rights. It was important for the creators that the characters in the game resembled those very beloved heroes as much as possible.

Natalie Pohorski, Narrative Designer at Raven Software, noted that players will be able to hear the iconic phrases of characters from the films. However, neither Sylvester Stalone nor Bruce Willis recorded additional lines for the game.

It will be possible to try out Rambo and Die Hard in battle tomorrow, May 20. Their skins will be available in the in-game store until June 18th.