The first photos of a video card from Intel appeared

The first photos of Xe-HPG gaming graphics cards have been published. Youtuber Moore's Law Is Dead shared engineering samples. The model, which was photographed from several angles, is equipped with 512 executive units, being the oldest in the future line.

The author also talked about the technical specifications of the GPU shown in the pictures. The device will be equipped with 512 computing units and a frequency of 2.2 GHz, as well as 16 GB of GDDR6 memory with a 256-bit bus. These parameters roughly correspond to the products of competitors from AMD and NVIDIA. TDP Intel XE-HPG will be 275 W. The sample shown in the photos has 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors. The TDP range of course applies to desktop models as well, as DG2 GPUs will also be used in laptops.

In addition, the Xe-HPG with 512 EUs is said to offer performance between NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 graphics cards. However, in its current state, the graphics card is unlikely to perform better than the RTX 3080. It is also interesting to note that Intel is working on its competitor DLSS, which is internally called XeSS. This would mean that the Intel DG2 family of GPUs would support hardware-accelerated ray tracing as well as native resolution scaling technology. However, this does not mean that both functions will be available at startup.

Moore's Law Is Dead also added that the release of video cards should be expected no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2021. At the same time, mass sales will begin no earlier than 2022. It is worth noting that the most popular models of this line will cost $ 200-300.