Far Cry 6 Senior Designer Leaves Development Process

Ubisoft Senior Game Designer Mark McGinley announced his departure from the studio, as announced on his Twitter.

McGinley has been working on Far Cry 6, which is set to release in 2021. How exactly the departure of the developer will affect the process of creating the game is unknown. The latest official news about the shooter was published in July 2020, after which only rumors appeared on the network about a possible release date for the game.

The game designer said March 12 "was his last day at Ubisoft Montreal," where he worked on Far Cry 6 in recent years. Mark said he was going to enjoy next week of unemployment before announcing some major changes. The former senior game designer of Far Cry 6 has assured that he is not going to leave the gaming industry.

McGinley's reasons for leaving are unknown. However, there is a possibility that he left his post due to the completion of the development process of the game, and he saw no point in working in the studio further.

Based on his LinkdIn profile, McGinley took a job at Ubisoft specifically to work on Far Cry 6, as he was not involved in the development of other Ubisoft games. Apparently, the development of the game began in early 2017, almost a year before the release of Far Cry 5.

The FarCry 6 release was supposed to take place back in February. However, Ubisoft soon postponed the release date without giving an exact date. At the same time, there are active rumors on the network that the game will be released at the end of May.