Intel must pay damages in the amount of $ 2.18 billion

A United States federal court ruled that Intel should pay $ 2.18 billion in damages to VLSI Technology in a patent infringement case.

One of the patents was originally granted in 2012 to Freescale Semiconductor and the other in 2010 to SigmaTel. Freescale bought SigmaTel and was acquired by NXP in 2015. Two patents in this case were transferred to VLSI Technology in 2019.

During the debate, Intel's lawyers insisted that VLSI does not manufacture its own products, and its only potential source of income is funds recovered by the court. The defendant's representatives also stated that Intel used its own technologies, and one of the patents should be declared invalid, as it was based on the development of the defendant. The jury disagreed with these arguments, with the result that Intel will appeal the decision on appeal.

Interestingly, against the background of this decree, Intel shares in New York trading fell 2.6% to $ 61.24. Note that since the beginning of the year, the company's shares have grown by 23%.

VLSI Technology is currently in litigation with several major companies. Because of this, Intel and Apple have filed a complaint against the company with the Antitrust Commission, accusing it of patent abuse.