Like Jedi: Fallen Order, but with dragons - Dragon Age 4 will be a story-driven game

It looks like the upcoming Dragon Age 4 will be a purely story-driven game. Jason Schreier reports this in a new material for Bloomberg.

Apparently, EA decided to give BioWare more creative freedom and allow the idea of a single player to be realized without any multiplayer. Of course, Electronic Arts's decision was not unfounded.

There are several reasons for the rejection of multiplayer and other delights of games-services. This is the overwhelming success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, proving that story-driven single-player games are in high demand, and the equally overwhelming failure of Anthem, which EA has already disowned.

In addition, Electronic Arts themselves openly declare that they have begun to listen to the community more often and allow their studios to experiment. This has already allowed the revival of the Skate series.