Valve will take part in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games

Previously, Apple asked Valve for statistics on 436 games on Steam, but they at one time did not want to, citing a small staff. The company's lawyer said that Valve would indeed be unable to fulfill Apple's request in a timely manner due to the inability to redirect employees to collect information.

Now the court simply confronted the gaming company with the fact that they are obliged to transfer the necessary data to Apple, which is suing Epic Games. The information is needed to complete the picture in the PC gaming market, where Valve competes with Epic Games. The deadline for submitting the material is mid-March. The court session is to be held in July.

Gabe Newell's company still does not understand its involvement in the situation between Apple and Epic Games and the removal of Fortnite from the App Store.

The hype between Epic Games and Apple came in August 2020 when the Fortnite developers added a new payment method to their title. He helped bypass the App Store commissions for players, which was beneficial for both players and Fortnite developers directly. As a result, Apple decided to remove the game from its store, after which Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the company.