NVIDIA sold video cards to miners for $ 100,000,000- $ 300,000,000

NVIDIA officials showed their financial report for the last quarter. As shown, the miners bought from the manufacturers of the video card in the amount of $ 100,000,000- $ 300,000,000. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are showing a lot of interest in the GPU manufacturer, but compared to the general influx of money, they are not making that much revenue.

Last year, the company's profits crossed the $ 5,000,000,000 threshold. This result exceeded the last year's by about 65%.

The company's analysts believe that there will be an increased demand for the RTX 3060 among miners. If their calculations are correct, then the profit from them will be about $ 50,000,000. By the way, due to the increased interest in video cards from the miners, the prices for the RTX 3060 were overstated by retailers.