Rumors: Diablo IV Rogue To Be Presented At BlizzConline, With A Remaster Of The Second Part Coming Before The End Of The Year

In anticipation of the upcoming BlizzConline, more leaks and rumors regarding the content of the presentation of various Blizzard games are popping up on the network. This time, PracticalBrush 12 provided a large portion of the leaks, more than once distinguished by accurate forecasts and insiders.

Plums are a Diablo game. Particularly noteworthy is the information about the fourth part of the RPG:

In addition, an insider confirmed the release of a remaster of the second part of Diablo with the subtitle Resurrected. According to him, the release will take place before the end of 2021 and this is how the classic will be rethought:

All this and even more, according to PracticalBrush12, can be presented today. The BlizzConline Opening Ceremony kicks off at approximately 11:00 pm CET.