Nintendo demanded $ 47 million from Colopl

Nintendo has reportedly increased the amount of damages it is seeking in its lawsuit against Japanese developer and publisher Colopl. The conflict between the parties has lasted for five years, but the developers of the WCT have not yet been able to agree with Nintendo on a peaceful resolution of the differences - they considered Colopl's arguments unfounded.

The platform owner filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Colopl in January 2018, but the case is still ongoing, Nintendo is now taking into account the various penalties that have accumulated over time.

According to the source, the amount claimed by Nintendo has grown from $ 41.7 million to $ 42 million. Nintendo justified this with a lengthy lawsuit and legal costs.

Nintendo believes that White Cat Project infringes on the following patents: automatic aiming when tapping the screen, shadow effect in which characters are visible behind objects, the use of multiplayer technology, and joystick control on the touchscreen of devices.

The developer has indeed announced plans to launch the Switch version of the White Cat Project in Japan in 2020. In return, Nintendo has said it will not block the game, which does not appear to be released yet.