Rumors: details about Saints Row 5

Recently, detailed information about the upcoming game Saints Row 5 appeared on the network. Whether it is true or not is up to you.

Based on the "leaks", you can see that Saints Row 5 will be a continuation of the third part. That is, it will completely cancel the events of Saints Row IV. This decision will be justified by the fact that the madness that occurs in the 4th part is just a local TV show. The plot of the fifth part takes place after the death of Johnny Get, when the gang of Saints turns into an evil and soulless corporation.

In terms of gameplay, there is nothing to say. The game will resemble the previous parts, but with the opportunity to look at the Saints from the perspective of an ordinary citizen. The main character will still be the Boss, who will get a "cool" mask and combat gear.

Visually, the game will look more like realism. The authors will abandon the overly "cartoonish" style.