AMD may provide more information on Big Navi graphics cards soon

The presentation of new video cards called Big Navi may take place, and maybe even today. Fran Azor hinted about this on his Twitter account, quoting the words from the song Tomorrow, saying that "the sun will rise tomorrow" and "we must hold out until tomorrow."

The first guess from all users, of course, was the imminent announcement of new video cards from AMD. Considering Azor posted this tonight US time, today we may be able to learn something new about the RX6000 series graphics cards.

At the moment, we know that AMD Big Navi should be released before the release of the consoles. Xbox Series X is due out in November 2020, with PlayStation 5 slated for release later this year.

Big Navi will be the first graphics card to be released on the new RDNA 2 architecture.