Apple sued Epic Games

Apple has filed a retaliatory lawsuit against Epic Games alleging violation of App Store rules. After Epic Games deliberately failed to comply with store rules for profit, Apple is demanding compensation for lost profits. They called Epic Games a self-proclaimed Robin Hood, which is actually a multibillion-dollar company unwilling to pay for the huge benefits the App Store provides.

Apple did not name the exact amount it wants to receive in compensation, but the company said that Epic Games earned more than $ 600,000,000 from the App Store. Apple is demanding that third-party payment systems be banned from both Fortnite and other apps on the App Store.

As a reminder, Epic Games decided to add a feature to Fortnite on August 13th that allowed users to bypass the App Store. She helped save players their cash and buy 1000 V-bucks not for $9.99, but for $7.99.