The number of players on servers has decreased in Red Dead Online

Users of Red Dead Redemption 2 noticed that online the number of players on the server decreased by 4 times. Previously, they could find up to 32 people simultaneously playing. Now, more than seven players do not appear on individual servers. Rockstar Games did not say anything about these changes, but users, nevertheless, were pleased with the innovation that took place.

Now the atmosphere in Red Dead Online is calmer, and players have a chance to explore the world, bypassing those who like to shoot, rob and other aggressive users of the game. Rockstar recently released a new patch for the online game that introduced a lot of technical glitches instead of fighting them. The open world no longer feels as full as it used to, vehicles and horses have a lot of bugs along with mysterious NPCs around the world. The developers decided to roll back the game to the previous version in order to determine the causes of errors and fix them.