Control AWE DLCs Now Available to PS4 and Xbox One

Remedy has partnered with publishers 505 Games to announce the launch of a new add-on for Control. It is already available for the current generation of consoles, and will appear on the PC in a few hours.

AWE is a paid add-on, so you'll have to fork out. On PS4, DLC will cost 1,069 rubles, and for Xbox One, the price will be $ 15.

On PC, AWE will be released at 6:00 pm on the Epic Games Store. At the same time, the game from Remedy will honor Steam with its presence.

The plot of the add-on will be built around the investigation department, which is engaged in the study of alternative world events. One of these will be the incident in Bright Falls with Allan Wake.

Remedy previously stated that they had long planned to merge the universes of Control and Alan Wake. They have already begun work on a game that brings together their main projects.