The first esports roster of Fall Guys was assembled

Panda Global has launched the Fall Guys division, bringing together the world's first esports roster for the discipline. The developers did not talk about what they want to make a competitive discipline out of their game, and therefore this decision causes some skepticism. The four Panda Global players included the following people: streamer Coney, ex-Super Smash Bros. Marss, winner of multiple Rivals of Aether, FullStream and Panda Global Logistics Director Jaaahsh.

Let's note the fact that the Fall Guys tournaments were implemented with the help of players and streamers. The developers were not going to support their project as an e-sports discipline, but after what happened, they may think about and change the vector of Fall Guys development. The first professional Fall Guys tournament, Twitch Rivals, is set to kick off on August 28th. At the moment, with what rules will the competition be held, since the rounds setting is not yet built into the game.

Fall Guys is an unusual game released on August 4th. The project from Mediatonic is a mixture of battle royale, platforming and arcade. Up to 60 players can take part in a match at the same time, and the fight itself is divided into several rounds, in each of which the players are assigned different tasks. The match, like all representatives of the "Battle Royale" genre, lasts until one player remains in the game.