New Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay videos coming on August 26

Sexy Biscuit got permission from the developers to shoot a gameplay video and put it online. The blogger plans to release 4 videos. In one of them, the open world will be shown, in the second it will demonstrate the sensational hardcore race, in the third it will show a general preview, and in the fourth it will give viewers a look at the first few missions. Sexy Biscuit also said that the owners of the preview copy of the game will be able to stream live.

One of the missions where players will take on the duties of a racer is given special attention, since it was incredibly difficult at one time, which alienated many players who played the original Mafia. It was so difficult that the creators of the game later released a patch in which you could choose the difficulty level of the race.

The Mafia remake is scheduled for release on September 25, 2020. Mafia Definitive Edition has three major platforms to visit: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.