Rockstar blocks two cash exploits in GTA Online

Rockstar Games did not report that they fixed exploits for money with Elegy and apartments. This was told by Tez2, a datamining company.

The Elegy ploy involved the possibility of selling an emerging replica of this car after the start of the Cashing Out mission. The player could get another Elegy, which was intended for the Arena War mode, but users raised a lot of money this way.

As for the apartments, there players also found a way to make money quickly and easily. It consisted in the exchange of expensive apartments for cheaper ones. The exchanges were made by the players several times, after which, due to the difference in the cost of the premises and without losing the invested funds, the users had additional financial resources. By the way, this bug has already been fixed by the game developers before.

Rockstar previously talked about the upcoming biggest update to GTA Online in history. For the first time, a new location will be added to the game.