New details on Marvel's Avengers

On July 29, the second War Table stream dedicated to Marvel's Avengers took place. On it, the developers from Crystal Dynamics shared the details of the upcoming project about superheroes.

The beta test will start in August, but it will be different for everyone. PS4 pre-order holders will be able to play on August 7, users who pre-order on Xbox One and PC will be able to play on August 14, and the general beta will begin on August 21.

As part of the beta test, 20 missions will be available, some of them storyline. During the beta testing period, it will be possible to try out VR simulators and War Zone missions.

In addition to the beta test news, Hawkeye was shown on the broadcast. He will be one of four characters to join the Avengers team after release. The hero will receive his own company and storyline.

Marvel's Avengers is slated for release on September 4, 2020. At release, the game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.