There are new details about Avowed

At the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, Obsidian Entertainment announced Avowed, an AAA RPG project. We were shown a small trailer, and also announced that the game takes place in the world of Eor. Based on this, it becomes clear that Avowed and Pillars of Eternity are one universe.

After the presentation, the first information regarding Avowed was leaked to the network. Its authenticity was confirmed by the insider Klobrille.

Based on the rumors, we can assume that we are waiting for Skyrim at maximum speed. The world is promised to be made even bigger and richer than in the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls. The main events will unfold in the region called The Living Lands. Elements of culture, architecture and life of the peoples of those lands await us there.

Developers place great emphasis on the "infrastructure" of the Avowed world. The game will have at least two large cities, like Novigrad from The Witcher, and many smaller cities. Also, we are waiting for dynamic weather, which will change in real time.

Beyond the visual effects, a key challenge for developers is to create a progressive piece system. For this, they plan to use the capabilities of the next gene.

The developers have assured that the game will have a very functional character editor, support for modifications and dynamic dialogues. The game will also have many factions, each with its own peculiarity and history. The release of the project is scheduled for late 2022 or early 2023. At launch, the game will be available for PC and Xbox Series X.