New details on new AAA project from Squire Enix

Square Enix's new creation, Projet Athia, was announced at Sony's June launch. A month later, we are finally starting to get the details of the upcoming game.

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda spoke with Weekly Tokyo Keizai Plus, where he revealed some details regarding the "structure" of the game. From Matsuda's words, Project Athia is an open world game where gamers can decide where to go. The president of Square Enix stressed that the PS5 significantly improves the graphics of the game, allowing the use of retracing technology. This, in turn, results in graphics that are almost identical to what we see on a PC.

Yosuke Matsuda also assured that they will continue to work on balanced games for different platforms, including smartphones. Matsuda did not forget to give Sony its due and emphasize that Square Enix will never stop working with such advanced platforms that are filled with the best technology.

The release date of Project Athia is still unknown. At the start, the game will be available on PC and PS5, and later it will reach the Xbox Series X.