New details about Resident Evil: VIILAGE

The portal BioHazard Declassified known for its insiders talked with testers of the new part of Resident Evil. Collected all the most interesting for you

  1. Tested on PS4 Pro

Despite the fact that the game was announced for the next generation consoles, the test took place on the PS4 Pro. Perhaps this is what influenced the technical problems that were visible during the demo of the gameplay.

  1. The game may have a new level of difficulty

The game developers are considering adding an additional level of difficulty to the game. He can add 3 times more enemies to RE: VILLAGE.

  1. In the location "Castle" there will be enemies dressed in armor

Some of the infected in the castle will attack players with medieval weapons. Melee attacks can decapitate the protagonist in one hit.

  1. The game will have its own guide

The old lady from the trailer is a trader, and also introduces the GG to the course of all events.

  1. The game will have several types of firearms

Testers were given the opportunity to use a shotgun, a pistol, and a knife that does not break. You can also pick up various edged weapons, such as swords, axes, and so on.

Also from the conversation it became known that the new trailer for Resident Evil 8 will be released in August this year. In addition, besides the usual enemies, there will be bosses in the game, although fights with some of them are optional. Resident Evil 8 is due out on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC in 2021.