Rumors: Microsoft will cancel paid subscription for Xbox online games

This information was shared by an insider under the nickname Klobrille. The rumors could be true, as back in 2018 Klobrille revealed that Microsoft would buy Obsidian studio.

According to an insider, canceling a paid subscription is a matter of time. He believes that paid online is hindering the development of a unified ecosystem between consoles, PCs and xCloud.

Jeff Grab, editor of VentureBeat, added credibility to Klobrille's words. On June 17, a topic appeared on Reddit, which partially confirms that Microsoft will soon abandon paid subscriptions for online games. In addition to this, the other day Microsoft has canceled the annual subscription to the Xbox Live Gold service. Now only monthly subscriptions and a three-month subscription are available to users.

Users speculate that Microsoft's intentions are related to the company's shifting focus to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This includes Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.

To confirm this information, you need to wait for the upcoming Microsoft presentation. The event will be held this Thursday, July 23.