Dr Disrecpect appealed to the public for the first time after a ban on Twitch

In late June, the popular streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” received a permanent account lockout on Twitch. The reason for the ban is still a mystery, but a couple of days ago the streamer showed signs of activity.

Guy first reacted to blocking his channel. According to Dr Disrespect, blocking his account dumbfounded him. He compares this to feeling like being fired from your favorite job without giving any reason. Along with the statement, Bame tweeted the first video after the ban. On it you can see Guy standing in the middle of a futuristic street in the darkness. A video is playing on the video in which there are words: “It is no longer in my hands, but I am in control.” At the time of publication, 5.9 million users watched the video. In the near future, Dr Disrespect plans to launch its television show, which has been working on for a long time.

In March 2020, Dr Disrespect signed an exclusive contract with the platform. According to journalists, the cooperation was designed for tens of millions of dollars. At the end of June, the channel was banned, while the blocking was issued by non-standard Twitch authorities.