First reviews of Ghost of Tsushima appeared

The last big exclusive to Ghost of Tsushima will arrive July 17th. Three days earlier, on July 14th, the embargo on publishing reviews of the game was off. Journalists who managed to test the upcoming project shared their opinion on the creation of Sucker Punch Productions. Collected the most interesting moments for you.

  1. Ghost of Tsushima - a game about style and atmosphere

Even during the announcement of Ghost of Tsushima, the authors emphasized the "style" of the project. The design solution and the picture itself captivate the spirit, but game mechanics are just the opposite. The second problem of the game emerges from this.

  1. The game feels a bit old

The Phantom of Tsushima could not bring anything revolutionary. Players are still offered to clear outposts, deal with crowds of faceless enemies and wander around unnecessary "secret" places.

  1. Empty open world

The open world of the Ghost of Tsushima is compared to the early games of the Assassin's Creed series. It feels empty and even looks beautiful, causes a feeling of fatigue.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on PS4 on Friday July 17th. The game tells the story of a lone samurai warrior Jin, who has to defend his land from the invasion of aliens.