Starting next year, the football simulator will receive a new engine

Konami, the developer of Pro Evolution Soccer, shared further plans for the development of the series. It became known that this year we will not see a new part - it will replace the seasonal update. DLC will change the characteristics of the players, the data of the teams, as well as add the European Championship mode to the game.

Konami is working on developing a simulator for the next generation of consoles. It is because of this that the company decided to take a break to fully explore new opportunities and achieve the desired product quality. Previously, franchise series were created based on the FOX engine.

Despite this, the publisher did not forget about the loyal fans of the series. They are waiting for pleasant bonuses and affordable prices for DLC in honor of the anniversary of PES.

Testing Pro Evolution Soccer on the Unreal Engine will begin in mid-2021. The release of the game is scheduled for autumn 2021.