Online Death Stranding Exceeded 30,000 Steam Players At Start

Death Stranding on the day of its release on the PC was able to reach a peak online with an indicator of ~ 32,500 people. It is noteworthy that the game came to this a few hours after the release on Steam. Statistics was provided by the eminent statistical portal SteamDB.

After that, the number of users playing the game at the same time began to gradually decrease. At the time of publication of the news, there are 26,222 players in Death Stranding. The game extends to another distribution platform, the Epic Games Store. By the way, there for some time the game was 2 times cheaper than on Steam, after which the price was equalized.

Death Stranding got a higher rating in reviews of the computer version than in the review for the PlayStation 4 - 86 out of 100 versus 82 out of 100. Particularly praised was the good optimization and some features that appeared. Death Stranding is a debut project from Kojima Productions, as an independent studio. Previously, Hideo Kojima worked at Konami, and from his pen came such games of the legendary Metal Gear Solid series, as well as other projects such as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and others.