Hideo Kojima wants to go into space with Gabe Newell

Event organizer The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest talked with Hideo Kojima. The interview was in honor of the release of Death Stranding on PC. Discussing the features of the PC version of the game, Hideo started to talk about cosmetic items in the style of Half-Life games. Talking about it, Kojima remembered the company that created the series of games about Gordon Freeman - Valve.

The game designer recalled a meeting with Gabe Newell, which took place several years ago. Then they talked on various topics, as well as igrodely mentioned their love for space. In the same conversation, they agreed that one day they would definitely visit SpaceX. According to Kojima, Newell can contact Musk and arrange a meeting, but so far this has not happened. In turn, Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX would be happy to welcome Newell and Kojima.

Hideo Kojima repeatedly focused on his attitude to Valve. According to him, he and Gabe Newell have an excellent relationship and similar views.