Impressions of journalists from Watch Dogs Legion

At the presentation of Ubisoft Forward, July 12, we were presented with a new part of Watch Dogs. Legion, the third part received such a name, was one of the most anticipated shows at Ubisoft Forward. Journalists were given 3 hours to play in the upcoming project. During this time, I managed to make a first impression and find out some details.

  1. The game uses full retracement

Initially, Legion was supposed to go on the PS4 and PC. This affected the detail environment and animations. But what’s impressive is the use of retracement. In Watch Dogs Legion, you can notice the game of lighting literally everywhere: on the roof of a car, on shop windows, in reflections of skyscrapers and in puddles.

  1. Main mechanic works fine

The main feature of Legion is the ability to play for absolutely any character. The mechanics feel fresh and not at all annoying. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, daily schedules and character. This will help make the game replayable and interesting to play again and again.

  1. Entourage games

The game venue is futuristic London. The European capital looks great, the atmosphere is transmitted at the highest level. It is also worth noting that the setting of the near future fits in perfectly with the theme of the game, where the main characters are the organization of DedSec hackers.

The game is scheduled for release on October 29, 2020. We will learn new details about the game in the near future.