26 March in eSports world

Do you know what is remarkable about today in the eSports world? See more in our material.

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Tournaments and victories

The final of the CS 1.6 championship EuroCup XII took place in 2006. Its prize pool consisted $35,000, and the prize pool was $17,500. The team mousesports became winner of the tournament.

In 2014, the last match of Korean Dota League Tier 1 ended up, its prize pool consisted of ~$65,000. Zephyr became the triumphers and got the main money reward of approximately $49,000.

In 2016, two CS:GO tournaments were over: Copenhagen Games 2016 and Copenhagen Games 2016 Female. The prize pool of the male division was €30,000, and the main money reward consisted of €17,000. As for the female division, their prize pool was €7,000, and the main money reward of €3,600 was gained by the team Team Secret.

One year ago the championship Overwatch Carbon Series ended up. Its prize pool was $25,000. Immortals became the winner and got the main money reward of $7,500.


Today these esportsmen are celebrating their birthdays:

Marc «Mangiacapra» Mangiacapra — player in retirement (34 y.o., CS: Source)
Peter «dupreeh» Rothmann — player of Astralis (25 y.o., CS:GO)
Dmitriy «Ditya Ra» Minenkov — player of Double Dimension (23 y.o., Dota 2)
Miquel «Blastinho» Llombart — player of Mad Lions (21 y,o., CS:GO)
Lee «XigN» Hyun-pyo — player of MVP.PK (21 y.o., CS:GO)