Rumors confirmed: Giancarlo Esposito will become the main villain of Far Cry

We recently wrote that the famous actor Giancarlo Esposito can play the main villain in the upcoming Far Cry 6. Today, these rumors were confirmed.

Screenshot from Sony's Hong Kong store leaked to the network. On it, Giancarlo is depicted as the character of Anton Castillo, along with his son Diego. The actor will play a ruthless dictator who wants to restore his nation to its former glory.

The plot of the game tells us about the tropical country of Yar, which is going through hard times. We have to try on the role of the rebel Dani Rahos, who wants to overthrow the regime of Anton. The game's release date is February 18, 2021. We are waiting for more information about the game this Sunday, at the presentation of Ubisoft Forward.