Epic Games Store hands out three games

In the struggle for competitiveness, Epic Games Store decided to arrange the distribution of three games at once. This time everyone can get licensed versions of Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet and The Escapist 2 completely free.

Killing Floor 2 is a classic multiplayer cooperative zombie first-person shooter. In the game, players, uniting in units of up to 4 people, must withstand the waves of zombies. Players who receive free copies in the Epic Games Store will be able to play with people who purchased the game on Steam.

Lifeless Planet is a third-person puzzle platformer. In the story, the player arrives on a deserted planet and finds an abandoned Soviet city.

The Escapist 2 is a project developed by Team17, which presented us with the legendary Worms series. In this pixel art game, users will take on the role of prisoners who have one single task: to escape from prison. There are many ways to achieve your goal, and their comrades can help players in this in multiplayer mode.

Distribution of games will end on July 16, after which the Epic Games Store will give everyone a free other game, action with RPG elements, Torchlight II.